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Ios 13

What’s new in iOS 14? Main features in one video What’s new in iOS 14? The main chips in one video For those who are too lazy to read. Nikita Goryainov June 25 at 23:00 Buying and exchanging iPhone money immediately Buying and exchanging MacBook no need to go anywhere Sell Apple accessories quickly check out for free How to roll back from iOS 14 to iOS 13 without data loss

Know exactly what’s new in iOS 14? And if we check? , Apple has greatly improved the operating system, adding many new features. You will...
Ios 13

How to see it? The main reason to return 3D Touch to the iPhone How to see it? The main reason for bringing 3D Touch back to the iPhone is the Original Original VS Parody. Nikita Goryainov July 6 at 17:00 18 BMW called 13 models that can be opened with the iPhone

Examples of how the peek-and-pop function works in iOS 13 and 14 via Haptic Touch. When the cards are open, there is no difference. But...