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I recently bought a 13" Mac Pro and an external cd drive. What cable do I need to connect the cd drive to my computer? Question marked as solved ★ Latest reply  by  rsalmeida Latest update on the question 4 replies 28 views asked by  rsalmeida User profile for user: richcecere richcecere User level: Level 1 Merging two Macs Question marked as helpful ★ Latest reply  by  Axel Foley Latest update on the question 3 replies 21 views asked by  richcecere User profile for user: drgerrym drgerrym User level: Level 1 I recently hit a key (don't know which one) and suddenly all my email folders that I created disappeared from my list on Macbook pro email. They are still on my iphone and still in my Yahoo/ATT email online but would like to get them back on my mac.